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The Invention Of Plastic Rebar Cap
Aug 22, 2017

The safety cap is used for the construction industry aims to minimize the potential impalement injures may caused by exposed construction rebar, studs, anchor bolts or stakes of various sizes and shapes.In most job site, safety caps play an important role in protecting workmen from impalement injures. Before we use these caps, lets get some basic knowledge on this invention.

First, we need to know how these impalement injures could be caused.

1.mental reinforcement bars.

Mental reinforcement bars are commonly used in concrete construction to provide added stability to concrete structures. In typical construction, a frame of mental reinforcement bars will be constructed and then pour concrete around to provide internal stability to the frame, its well-known that such rebar frames would be very large and remain protruding outward before any concrete is poured, or even after the concrete is poured, then it will definitely pose a tripping or impalement hazard to workmen on the job site.

2.metallic anchor bolts

Metallic anchor bolts are commonly used in environments susceptible to geographic instabilities, natural disasters, on steep, or uneven land grades. These anchor bolts may occur in varying sizes and shapes subject to the particular requirements of the construction project and the characteristics of the material used. The installation of these anchor bolts is quite simple, they would be set at pre-determined locations before the concrete is poured, which may leave substantial lengths exposed. Then the structures are framed and also , tripping or impalement hazards would be posed.

3.framing stakes.

Wooden boards are generally used to create the frames, stakes that are pounded into the ground and nailed or otherwise attached to the wooden frame boards to hold them in place. These upwardly extending stakes remain present to hold the wooden frame boards during the pouring and setting of the concrete foundation. These framing stakes may pose impalement hazards too.

Second, how to settle these concerns.

To address these safety concerns, many companies and government entities require these exposed rebar, anchor bolts and framing stakes to be covered with colourful safety caps, the size and pliability of caps were also been governed to minimize impalement injuries. However ,such invention could only being usable on round rebar or anchor bolts, not rectangular shafts. This is problematic because a single construction site may need numerous rebar, anchor bolts or framing stakes of varying sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is desirable to provide a single safety cap meets the following requirements:

a: may be securely attached to any kind of rebar, anchor bolts or framing stakes of varying sizes and shapes;

b: may be easily attached and removed;

c: may be sufficiently identifiable and strong to minimize construction site injuries;

d: may be re-used.

Then , the safety caps of the present invention include a collar, an upper surface, and a plurality of deformable interior flanges that fits rebar, anchor bolts and framing stakes of varying sizes and shapes was invented.


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