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Prospect Of Fasteners
Dec 12, 2016

In 2012, the Chinese fastener into the "micro-growth". Despite the slowing industrygrowth for the year, but in the medium and long run, fastener demand in China isstill in the phase of rapid growth is expected by 2013 fastener production will reach 7.2075 billion tons. In this "micro-growth" era, China's fastener industry will continue to face continued pressure and challenges, but it also accelerates the industryreshuffle, survival of the fittest to improve concentration and promote technical upgrading in industries, optimizing the development model to enable enterprises tofocus more on enhancing the capability of independent innovation and core competence.

At present, the construction has entered a new development stage of China's national economy, with large aircraft, large-scale power generation equipment, cars, high-speed trains, large ships, large equipment, such as advanced manufacturing representatives will enter into an important direction of development. Thus, the useof high-strength fasteners will grow rapidly. Fastener business to improve the technical level of products, must proceed from equipment improvements, technology to improve, "micro restructuring", in both varieties, or type, or object of consumption, all toward a more diversified direction.

Meanwhile, due to rising prices of raw materials, labor and material costs rising, appreciation of RMB, financing and other unfavorable factors, coupled with exportmarkets weak, fastener supply exceeds demand, resulting in fastener prices drop,not rise, as profits continue to shrink, businesses are forced to live "micro-profit"days. At present, China's fastener industry faces shuffle transition, continued excess capacity and fastener sales declined, some companies survival pressures.

December 2013 Japan fasteners exported a total of 31,678 tons, an increase of 19%, rose 6%, exports amounted to 2,736,328.40,000 yen, rose 25.2%, rose 7.8%. December Japan fastener main export destinations for mainland China, the United States and Thailand. 2013 Japan fastener exports has increased by 3.9%, by 350,002, 323 tons, exports increased to 10.7%, to 298.2 billion 85 million yen, exports and exports were achieved a positive growth for two consecutive years.

Fastener types, except for screws (especially small screws), all other fastener exports than in 2012, one of the biggest increases in export volume and export volumeat the same time the species is "stainless steel nut", increased exports of 33.9%,1,950 tons, exports increased to 19.9%, 2,900,000,007, 0.

Heaviest weight of fastener exports "steel, bolt" increased exports of 3.6%, of 200,665 tons, exports increased by 14.4% to 135.8 billion 46 million Japanese yen. Second is "steel, bolt" increased exports of 7.8% through 80,004 514 tons, exports increased from 10.5% to 66,700,000,006, 5 million yen.

From the main customs trade data, output 120,500 tons of Nagoya, Japan exportsof fasteners 34.7%, won 19 consecutive years. From 2012, Osaka, Nagoya, positivegrowth in export volume of fasteners, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, Moji is negative.

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