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Ground Anchor Type And Use
Oct 24, 2017

Ground anchor can be divided into anchor pile, anchor, anchor, drag pit, lifting operations commonly used anchor to anchor tow rope, cable wind rope, hoist, guide pulley, ground anchor general steel wire rope, steel pipe, reinforced concrete prefabricated Pieces, logs and other buried parts buried into the ground made.

The type of anchor

Ground anchor is necessary for the fixed hoist device, commonly used in the form of the following three: 1. Pile ground anchor; 2. Balance weight method; 3. Pit type anchor.

Safety requirements for ground anchor production

1. Lifting and hoisting the use of anchor, should be designed in strict accordance with the production, and do a good job of hidden engineering records, the use of not allowed to overload;

2. Ground anchor pit should be dug into a rectangular shape, slope and vertical angle of 15 degrees is appropriate. The depth of the anchor is determined according to the general situation of the site.

3. The angle between the tow rope and the horizontal plane is generally 30 degrees or less is appropriate, to anchor the pit out of the point (that is, the rope through the soil after the exposed surface) in front of 2.5 times the depth of the pit and pit on both sides within 2 meters, There must be trench, cable, underground pipes and other structures and temporary trenching;

4. No anchor water around the anchor;

5. Ground anchor is not allowed along the embedded along the set.

In the form of anchors, there are two types of anchors and horizontal anchors. Pile-type anchor is suitable for fixed wind force is not the cable wind, structural hoisting rarely used. Horizontal anchor is a few logs (square wood or steel) tied together with a wire rope, horizontal placed in the ground anchor pit, one end of the rope from the pit in front of the slot leads to the rope and the ground angle should be equal to the cable wind With the angle of the ground, and then use soil and stone backfill tamping. The depth of the roundwood and the number of logs should be based on the size of the anchor force and soil may be, generally buried depth of 1.5 ~ 2m, the force can be 30 ~ 150kN, round the length of 1 ~ 1.5m. When the tension exceeds 75kN, the anchor should be increased on the anchor bar. When the tension is greater than 150kN, the application of columns and wooden walls to strengthen, to increase the lateral resistance of soil

Horizontal anchor installation and use should be noted:

(1) anchor should be buried in the soil hard place, the ground is not wet, no water.

(2) shall not use rotten wood for the anchor, bar tied to the cable, the four corners to use angle steel reinforcement. Wire rope to be tied firmly.

(3) important anchor should be calculated, after the need to carry out the test pull.

(4) after the anchor is buried, should be a detailed inspection before they can be used. The use of a person responsible for the guards, such as deformation, should take immediate measures to strengthen.

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