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Ground Anchor Technical Requirements
Sep 15, 2017

Anchor can be divided into the anchor pile and anchor, the anchor bar, drag the pits, lifting operation is commonly used in fixed anchor to drag rope, cable wind rope, hoist, guide pulley, etc., anchor wire rope, steel tube, reinforced concrete is commonly used in casting, logs and built-in buried.

The ground anchor is a necessary device for a fixed hoist, and there are three kinds of common forms: 1. Pile type anchor; 2. Balance weight method; 3. Pit anchor.

Safety technical requirements for anchor production

1. The anchor shall be made according to design strictly according to the design, and shall not be overloaded when used.

2. The ground anchor pit should be dug into a right Angle trapezoid shape, and the Angle of slope and vertical line should be 15 degrees. The ground anchor depth is determined according to the comprehensive situation of the scene;

3. Drag the line and the horizontal plane Angle is 30 degrees, anchor foundation pit for point (i.e., the ground after the wire rope through the soil) in front of the pit deep within 2 meters on both sides of 2.5 times the scope and foundation pit, shall have a gutter, cable, underground pipeline and other structures and temporary digging ditches, etc.;

4. No water accumulation around the ground anchor;

5. The anchor is not allowed to follow the embedded parts.

An anchor is a fixed object that is fixed on a solid ground.

It is not easy to pull out the bottom of the cable rod (below ground) to be tethered to an underground anchor.

This "anchor" is made of stone, called "anchor stone"; It is made of wood (carbonized surface with asphalt), called "anchor wood"; There are hot galvanized steel pipes, called "anchor pipes".

The utility model has the advantages and beneficial effects: the ground anchor structure of the utility model is simple, the stability is good, the construction is convenient, it can be conveniently sent to the underground I meters and the above depth; Anchor at the same time, stated in the guarantee of stability at the same time, set in the center of the anchor cylindrical body designed the hole, in order to use iron hammer blow to the ground, as described in setting of anchor block has a small conical front cone Angle, penetrating power is stronger, can penetrate the general construction waste as well as the concrete layer; In addition, the width of the raised rib of the anchor is 8mm? 15mm, the length of the ground anchor is 180mm? 200 mm, increased with soil resistance, so as to enhance the tensile strength of the anchor, higher stability, including anchor fixing device, security and stability is better, but the kind of tree firmly fixed

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