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Ground Anchor Take Measures To Reinforce
Oct 25, 2017

The ground anchors are arranged in the form of pile anchors and horizontally anchored two kinds. The pile anchor is suitable for the cable wind with little fixed force and is seldom used in the hoisting of structure. A horizontal anchor is a string of wood (square or steel) tied together with a wire rope, Ground Anchor at the bottom of the anchor pit, the end of the wire rope is drawn from the groove in the front of the pit, and the angle between the rope and the ground shall be equal to the angle between the wind and the ground, Ground Anchor then backfill with the Earth stone. The depth of the log and the number of logs should be based on the size and soil of the ground anchor force, generally buried in depth of 1.5~2m, can be 30~150kn, the length of the log is 1~1.5m.

(1) Anchor should be buried in the hard soil, the ground is not damp, stagnant water.

(2) must not use the rotten wood to anchor, Ground Anchor the crosswise wood tie pulls the rope place, Four corners to use the angle steel reinforcement. Wire ropes should be securely lashed.

(3) The important ground anchors should be calculated and tested after burial.

(4) After the anchor is laid, it should be inspected in detail before it can be used formally. The use of personnel responsible for guarding, such as deformation, Ground Anchor should take immediate measures to strengthen.

(1) The whole-buried anchor can withstand a larger tensile force, suitable for heavy lifting. When calculating its strength, it is necessary to check the horizontal stability, Ground Anchor vertical stability and beam strength according to the soil condition and beam material.

(2) The activity type ground anchor bears the force not to be suitable for the reconstruction, the expansion project. It is necessary to calculate the strength of the horizontal and vertical stability.

Cable anchor of the local telephone cement pole road, Ground Anchor cement pole position, should be based on the terrain, ground features, to avoid obstruction of other construction, obstruction of traffic; At the same time, the determination of the cement pole position should be checked the design drawings specified by the high cement pole is appropriate and good record; vertical and horizontal net spacing between the lines and other buildings, Ground Anchor shall conform to the provisions of appendix I, Ground Anchor two or three. The cement pole post of the local telephone cement pole road should be measured after the cement pole position standard pile or other sign, the standard pile should be located in the cement pole outside the hole about 10 centimeters, Ground Anchor the standard pile should be located in the Cement Pole Road Route center.

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