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Ground Anchor Structure
Aug 16, 2017

The poles buried in strict accordance with the norms. Ground Anchor Rod road construction of the poles buried depth is not enough and loose land, need to install the chuck; in the soft soil at the depth of the hole more than 5m Dan fishing rod, terminal rod, sub-pole, across the pole, Plus the chassis; the pole in the stone soil and stone zone can not install chuck, chassis or solid root crossbar. Ground Anchor Floods and pond roots of the rods of the rod, should do protection pier protection. In the roadside vulnerable to the collision of vehicles where the pole should be added to protect the pile, height up to 40-50cm.

Overhead cable along the set signs, Ground Anchor size 250x100x5 aluminum film, every 300m spacing point, add signs, signs firmly fixed on the strand, facing the viewing direction. Steel wire and other lines are required to add cross-over protective cover, both sides of the more than 0.5m. After the cable laying cable should be no obvious sag.

Cable hanging with 7 / 2.2 galvanized steel strand, hook with 25mm plastic care hook, installed every 50cm; hanging hoop with D144, D164, D184 (according to different cement pole pole configuration) single hanging hoop, Hanging line and hoop with three single-slot plywood fixed, Ground Anchor fixed piercing in the 16X60 specifications with a head piercing nails. The laying of the rods shall meet the requirements of the clearance, and the clearance between the main road and cable should be not less than 5.5m. The clearance between the road and the cable should not be less than 4.5m, Ground Anchor and the distance between the railway cables should be less than 7m.

Aiming at the current situation of the existing prestressed cementing solid anchors, Ground Anchor which can not be applied to the horizontal wells, the horizontal wells are developed to solve the problem that the horizontal wells of heavy oil are developed in the process of steam injection Of the wellhead uplift, wellhead to take the oil and other issues. The horizontal well in the use of the anchor in series with the heavy oil in the horizontal well completion wells, and the top of the screen with the injection of cement technology, Ground Anchor pulling the prestressed operation, does not affect the current drilling cementing and later Oil production operations, and will not affect the depth of the well of the cementing quality. The structure, working principle, performance characteristics and technical indexes of the anchor are introduced, and the stress analysis and the indoor tensile test are carried out to the anchor of the anchorage. Ground Anchor The design index is reached. Ground Anchor After the successful development of the horizontal well anchor, has been successfully applied in Shengli Oilfield Cenozoic oil production plant, Ground Anchor the application effect is good.

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