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Ground Anchor Standard Design
Oct 17, 2017

A deep measurement of the hole in the ground where the soil is temporarily deposited shall be calculated on a permanent basis and the soil piled above the earth shall not be counted. Ground Anchor Tall pole hole can be dug into a rectangular rod hole, and the vertical rod side of the rod Groove (commonly known as the Ma Dao), the general direction of the bar groove excavation according to the standard design.

The approximate center position of the anchor pit in the pull line shall be in the L place at the ground point of the pull wire, and the L calculation method shall conform to the standard stipulation that the L is the approximate center of the ground anchor pit to the distance of the pull line. Ground Anchor The measurement of the local telephone road shall be carried out according to the route specified in the construction drawing. In case of special circumstances need to change the route, the design unit should be issued by the project change notice as the basis.

The measurement of the anchor line of the local telephone the Cement pole road (instrument measurement or visual inspection) shall be divided into several straight sections according to the construction drawing, Ground Anchor and the cement pole should be measured according to the size of the design regulation. In general, the urban cement poles from the 35-40 suburban cement pole distance of 45-50 meters, Ground Anchor but the measurement with the N-type intersection line, Ground Anchor should pay attention to a total of 400 meters, tolerance should be less than ± 20 meters.

Cable anchor of the local telephone cement pole road, Ground Anchor cement pole position, should be based on the terrain, ground features, to avoid obstruction of other construction, obstruction of traffic; At the same time, the determination of the cement pole position should be checked the design drawings specified by the high cement pole is appropriate and good record; vertical and horizontal net spacing between the lines and other buildings, Ground Anchor shall conform to the provisions of appendix I, two or three. Ground Anchor The cement pole post of the local telephone cement pole road should be measured after the cement pole position standard pile or other sign, the standard pile should be located in the cement pole outside the hole about 10 centimeters, Ground Anchor the standard pile should be located in the Cement Pole Road Route center.

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