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Ground Anchor Fixed Grind
Oct 10, 2017

The ground anchor is the commonly used force structure in the tower installation, Ground Anchor is used to fix the mill, temporary pull line of the device, in the construction of a critical role in the current domestic prestressed cementing anchor is mainly used in vertical wells, Ground Anchor can not be applied to the status of horizontal wells, the development of horizontal well hollow anchors, It is used to solve the problems of wellhead uplift and wellhead oil steam in the process of steam injection development of the horizontal well of heavy oil thermal recovery. The horizontal well hollow anchor is threaded in the pipe string of the heavy oil thermal recovery horizontal well when used, it does not affect the current drilling cementing and later production operation process, and does not affect the cementing quality of the inclined section of the large well with the combination of grouting with the top of the screen. The structure, working principle, performance characteristic and technical index of the ground anchor are introduced, the stress analysis and the tensile test of the anchor Claw are carried out, Ground Anchor and the design index is achieved. After the successful development of the horizontal well ground anchor, it has been successfully applied in the Shengli oilfield Spring oil production plant and has good application effect.

The horizontal well hollow anchor is connected in the completion pipe string, and the design position in the horizontal well is through the casing, drilling fluid from the inlet into the liquid cylinder, horizontal well hollow anchor of the driving mechanism to start, when the pressure reached the set value, the Pistons on the shear nails cut, piston action push rod and joint anchor Claw Open, the anchor claw slowly into the formation, Until the lever resists the anchor claw so as to achieve the function of the anchoring casing string and ensure the accurate positioning, then the prestressed cementing can be carried out by lifting the casing. The driving system of horizontal well hollow anchor is no self-locking mechanism, if a pull is unsuccessful, after the release of the casing, Ground Anchor the anchor claw can be automatically retracted, the ground anchor to the original or the next point of the position, continue to boost, can be repeated attempts, until the anchor will be the pipe string anchor, and then pull the casing prestressing prestress cementing.

The processing material of hollow anchor claw of horizontal well is alloy steel, its yield strength is $number MPA, and the tensile strength is $number MPa. After the design of the hollow anchor is completed, Ground Anchor the stress of the anchor Claw is analyzed by the SolidWorks software, the force of the bottom of the anchor Claw is fixed, and the top of the anchor Claw is applied 200kN, the result of the analysis is as shown in Fig. 2, the maximum value of the stress is the position of the connecting rod and the maximum value is $number MPa, MPa, so that the horizontal well hollow anchor of the 6 anchor claw all open, theoretically can withstand 1 kN above the pull.

Tensile test of Anchor Claw: Rated load 2 $number KN, pressure plate lift height is greater than 1.5 m pressure tester to tensile test of ground anchor. Processing a special pressure-resistant sleeve, the minimum inner diameter 220mm, the middle has a step. In the test, the pressure-resistant sleeve is placed on the chassis of the press tester, and the 6 anchor claws of the ground anchor are opened, Ground Anchor the anchor Claw is put into the pressure-resistant sleeve, and the anchor Claw is placed on the step of the pressure-resistant sleeve, as shown in Fig. 3, and then the top pressure plate of the pressure tester is pressed on the ground anchor body, and the maximum pulling force of the anchor Claw can be measured by the pressurized method

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