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Ground Anchor Development Of
Jul 10, 2017

Since ancient times, human waterfront, Ground Anchor towns and rivers developed by the river, and the bridge is an important building to communicate cross-strait traffic, urban and water, Ground Anchor bridges often coexist. Whether the bridge is across the scenic river water, or located in the traffic on the road above the city, because of its geographical location important, prominent visual image, Ground Anchor are important urban landscape nodes. Design a bridge night lighting, no doubt on the city's appearance plays a role in beautification.

Bridge lighting is not just to do the role of lighting, the corresponding, Ground Anchor but also play the effect of landscape lighting, through the use of different lighting fixtures, which show the effect of art lighting on the bridge, and the choice of lighting and layout must To meet regulatory requirements, Ground Anchor including: illumination, brightness, uniformity, glare, environmental ratio and so on.

The project uses the bright and innovative design of the LED intelligent control color scene lighting and LED intelligent control system, successfully created a Dalian Star Bay a beautiful landscape. In the light on the highlight of the bridge unique domestic first anchor anchor cable bridge, Ground Anchor the use of floodlight, cast light and other lighting technology, light color composition, Ground Anchor light and shadow combination, to strengthen the main bridge double tower three-span anchor suspension bridge Three-dimensional,Ground Anchor highlighting the relationship between the Xinghai Bay Bridge and the coast.

Lighting is the first consideration is long life and easy to maintain, because Dalian is a coastal city, and is located in the cold northeast, Ground Anchor the lamp of the great test, bright beauty set by the lamps for rigorous testing, selection Aksu Nobel anti-ultraviolet spray , The connector selection of rubber line, Ground Anchor to ensure that the lighting will not affect the use of the environment.

Xinghai Bay Bridge, Ground Anchor a total length of about 6 km, the main bridge 820 meters, of which the main bridge of the main span of 460 meters, both sides of the cross-180 meters, the whole bridge with a "modular multi-directional displacement telescopic device", Ground Anchor is the Northeast Long sea bridge project, the whole bridge selection Liangmei set 23458 sets of lamps, power from 7W ~ 29W range, are DMX512 intelligent control system, and part of the Xinghai Bay Bridge for lamps, are based on the design effect of non-standard custom, Ground Anchor Special lights to ensure the quality of the project.

Bridge night lighting is the combination of lighting science and bridge architecture. It expands the landscape performance of the bridge, displays the aesthetic features of the bridge all the time, and plays an important role in the spatial level and depth of field of the urban night landscape. Therefore, Ground Anchor through the light to show the bridge through the sense of three-dimensional, layering, Ground Anchor lighting in the water show the effect of reflection, showing the beauty of the bridge and the beauty of the United States, Ground Anchor regardless of day or night, the bridge is a beautiful scenery.

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