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Ground Anchor Buried And Used
Nov 03, 2017

Ground anchor according to the set form of sub-pile anchor and horizontal anchor two. Ground Anchor Pile anchor is suitable for fixed cable force wind, rarely used in the structure of lifting. The level of the anchor is a few logs (square wood or steel) bundled together with steel wire rope, Ground Anchor placed horizontally on the ground pit bottom, one end of the wire rope from the pit at the front of the pit, rope and the ground angle should be equal to the wind The angle with the ground, and then backfill with soil compaction. The depth of the roundwood and the number of roundwood should be based on the size of the anchor force and soil quality may be, Ground Anchor generally buried depth of 1.5 ~ 2m, can withstand 30 ~ 150kN, log length of 1 ~ 1.5m. When the tension exceeds 75kN, the anchor should be increased on the horizontal bar.

Strongly stressed ground anchors, such as those used for heavy mast cranes and cable cranes, Ground Anchor are made of reinforced concrete, and their dimensions, Ground Anchor concrete strength grades and reinforcement must be specifically designed.

Horizontal anchor laying and use should pay attention to:

(1) The anchor should be buried in a hard soil, the ground is not wet, no water.

(2) Do not use rotten wood as a ground anchor, horizontal rope tied cable, four corners to be reinforced with angle. Rope to be tied firmly.

(3) Important ground anchors should be calculated and planted after laying.

(4) Ground anchor laid, it should undergo a detailed examination before it can be formally used. Ground Anchor Use someone to be in charge of guards, such as deformation, should immediately take measures to reinforce.

(1) All buried anchor can withstand greater tension, suitable for heavy lifting. When calculating its strength, it is usually necessary to check its horizontal stability, Ground Anchor vertical stability and beam strength according to the soil conditions and the beam material.

(2) Active anchor to withstand little force, Ground Anchor suitable for change, expansion project. The calculation of its strength requires calculation of its horizontal and vertical stability.

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