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Fasteners Used Testing Equipment
Dec 12, 2016

Fastener design is the most important part of quality control, from raw to finishedshipping there are a couple of points, these points have different ways of testing.First feeding is the appearance, size, elements, properties, hazardous substancesand so on; more is the appearance, size, and percussion experiments, forged line;more is the appearance of heat treatment, hardness, torque and pulling force, metallographic; surface treatment are some of the more hydrogen embrittlement testand salt spray, including the delivery of a hazardous substance detection.

In terms of size, Visual inspection, common is the second element, contour measuring instrument, three-coordinate measuring instrument, video sorting machine (thisis a separator);

On the mechanical and chemical testing, mainly hardness tester (Vickers and Rockwell), tensile testing machine, metallographic microscopy;

On materials testing, there is a Spectrum Analyzer, the salt spray test machine.

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