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Fastener Very Wide Application
Oct 25, 2017

Fasteners are a kind of mechanical parts used for fastening connection, and they are widely used. The characteristics of Fasteners: variety specifications, performance of different uses, Fastener and standardization, serialization, the degree of generalization of very high. Therefore, some of the existing national (industry) standards of a class of fasteners known as the standard fasteners, referred to as standard pieces.

Due to the specifications, dimensions, tolerances, weights, performance, surface conditions, marking methods, and acceptance inspection, marking and packaging items of each specific fastener product, Fastener the specific requirements are specified in several countries (industry) standards, such as Imperial, German and American.

Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical base parts. With China's accession to the WTO in 2001 and enter the ranks of international trade powers. Fastener products in China are exported to many countries worldwide, the world's fastener products have also been pouring into the Chinese market. As one of the products with larger import and export volume in China, Fastener fasteners are of great significance and strategic significance to promote the development of fastener enterprises into the world and to promote the full participation of fastener enterprises in international cooperation and competition.

1. Bolts: A class of fasteners consisting of a head and a screw (a cylindrical body with an outer thread) that is fitted with a nut for fastening the two parts with a pass hole. This form of connection is called Bolt connection. If the nut is bolted from the bolt, Fastener the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection.

2. Stud: A type of fastener with no head and only two-sided thread. When connected, one end of it must be screwed into a part with an inner threaded hole, the other end through a part with a pass hole, Fastener and then screw the nut, even if the two parts are fastened together into a whole. This form of connection is called a stud connection and is also a detachable connection. Mainly used for connecting parts of one of the larger thickness, the requirements of compact structure, or due to frequent demolition, the use of bolts should not be connected occasions.

3. Screws: Also consists of the head and screw two parts of a class of fasteners, by use can be divided into three categories: machine screws, Fastener tightening screws and special-purpose screws. The machine screws are mainly used for a fastening thread hole parts, the fastening connection between a part with a pass hole does not require the nut to fit (this form is called a screw connection, Fastener also belongs to a detachable connection, and can be matched with a nut for fastening the connection between two parts with a pass hole.) ) The tightening screws are mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Fastener Special purpose screws are used for hoisting parts, for example, a lifting screw.

4. Nut: With internal threaded hole, the shape is generally presented as flat hexagonal column, Fastener also has a flat square column or flat cylindrical, with bolts,Fastener stud or machine screws, for fastening the connection of two parts, so that it becomes a whole.

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