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Fastener The Role Of More And More Strong
Aug 08, 2017

Fasteners enterprises accounted for more than 75% of the country, Fastener the emergence of such as Jin billion, Shanghai standard five as the representative of the sales income of over one billion yuan of leading enterprises and annual sales income of over 100 million yuan of key enterprises. Fastener The annual sales income of these enterprises reached more than 35 billion yuan, accounting for more than 53% of the national sales income, more than 4,000 enterprises across the industry scale, accounting for 85% of the national sales of fasteners, Fastener the annual export of more than 10 million US dollars Enterprises of more than 40, accounting for more than 60% of the country's exports. It can be seen that the development of leading enterprises, play a leading role more and more strong, and thus a greater concentration of industrial concentration.

Fasteners enterprises adhere to the road of innovation, Fastener learning foreign advanced technology and experience to speed up the combination of modern information technology and traditional industries to enhance the industry-wide equipment and technology level. Fastener Enterprises in the technological innovation has also accelerated the pace of the formation of a number of distinctive fine, special, specialized enterprises, Fastener including high-strength special fasteners accounted for 15%, 60% of heat treatment products, Fastener other products accounted for 40%.

With the domestic and international market competition to further intensify, will inevitably promote the development of enterprises, fasteners enterprises were to foreign investment, Fastener cross the door to the pace of the world. In addition to some of the traditional export trade market, many companies have to look to emerging countries, Changshu standard parts, Ningbo Jinding more than 10 companies have to open up Hungary, Malaysia, Indonesia and other foreign markets.

1, with more and more US-funded enterprises to enter China, US-made screws in China's demand is also growing, mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region; Fastener Hong Kong was a British colony, Hong Kong enterprises impact on the Pearl River Delta Large, Fastener so the Pearl River Delta British screw demand is very large. The Pearl River Delta is mainly light industry developed, Fastener such as lamps, toys, electrical products, so their precision electronic screws (small screws) a great demand.

2, the standard teeth of the US-made screws (tooth angle of 55 °) and inch screws (tooth angle 60 °) in addition to 1/2 can not be interchangeable, other circumstances are interchangeable (provided that the rules do not pass, Fastener normal use no problem ). Because the US-made screws and inch screws in the pass when the rules can not pass, but can be used normally.

3, the United States is a very democratic country, Fastener in the fasteners on the development of a lot of standards, IFI, ANSI, ASME and so belong to the American standard, have a certain influence. So in the establishment of US-made screw product files, can be non-standard form to file.

4, the German rigorous, pragmatic world famous, DIN (German standard) fasteners in China and the world is very influential, ISO (international standard) to a large extent by the impact of DIN, GB (GB) is also great The degree of reference DIN. However, the head of the DIN screws is thicker and wasteful (compared to the small screws).

5, the current mainland China fastener market, GB demand is far greater than the demand for DIN, Fastener but now the demand for GB showed a downward trend, while the demand for DIN is on the rise.

6, JIS (Japanese standard) in the small screw this piece of great contribution to the lean production, mainly because the Japanese companies to dominate the household electrical appliance industry world, from the JIS small Japanese small and delicate small can be seen. So the Japanese standard in the precision electronic screw this piece of great influence.

7, some ordinary screws to meet the link function, Fastener and ultimately use some strange shape of the screw, because: First, the product supplier can be non-standard parts to allow customers to buy their late service, increase product stickiness; Anti-theft, without a specific tool, this non-standard screw does not screw down.

8, the machinery and equipment industry, Fastener the purchase cost of normal screws accounted for 0.5% -2% of the total procurement costs, from which we can estimate the total sales of a company's products through its screw, and we can see that fasteners In a very "fun" position, business owners are generally concerned about the bulk of our screws this piece is often overlooked, not (users) should be the attention, resulting in follow-up quality, service and other issues occur frequently.

9, the screw is the consumable, Fastener the customer will repeat the purchase, so the general screw enterprise rarely starved to death, but often be stuck. Unless their top customers are dead (for example, a customer's purchases amount to 60% of the vendor's sales), Fastener try to keep the maximum customer's screw purchase no more than 20% of total sales.

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