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Fastener The Quality Of
Aug 24, 2017

Fasteners are the foundation of industrial development, the quality of fasteners seriously affect the quality of industrial products, in fact, not only industrial, many industries are inseparable from the fasteners, which is widely used by the decision. International foam and metal plastic industry supplier Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that in the building behind the monster, have a small fastener indispensable role, although only small participants, but has a crucial impact. Because of the importance of its convergence, consumers in the procurement will be more of a brand of favor.

With the continuous development of science and technology, international and domestic demand for fasteners continue to increase. Fastener industry has increasingly formed a complete system. A few years ago, due to the domestic fastener development system is not yet mature, foreign fasteners is the first choice for enterprises. With the improvement and innovation of technology, as well as the needs of the market, the domestic fasteners are becoming more mature.

At present, with the development of China's manufacturing industry, fasteners as one of China's large import and export products, to achieve international standards, to promote China's fastener enterprises to the world, to promote the full participation of fastener enterprises in international cooperation and competition , With the use of important practical significance and strategic significance. Due to the specifications, dimensions, tolerances, weights, performance, surface conditions, marking methods, and inspection requirements, marking and packaging of each specific fastener product, the specific requirements of the project are defined in several national industry standards, There are imperial, German and American.

The machinery industry is one of the main users of fasteners. As China's mechanical parts in the mechanical industry in the important position of the late understanding of the long-term lack of investment, resulting in the whole industry base is poor, weak, weak strength. Especially with the increase in the level of China's host, mechanical base pieces behind the bottleneck of the host phenomenon is increasingly apparent. In recent years, although the introduction of technology, technological transformation, scientific research and development, the state has given some support, but with the current market demand and foreign level, there is still no small gap, specifically in: product variety, low level , The quality of instability, early failure rate is high, poor reliability.

Fasteners as the main mechanical products industry, the development of machinery industry, but also on the fastener products put forward higher requirements. Luo Baihui that the current domestic standard fasteners have been oversupply, and high-grade fasteners high temperature, shaped, titanium plastic composite, special performance and other fasteners in short supply, but also rely on imports. National Machinery Bureau to "ordinary standard fasteners" as a restricted development products, "high-strength special-shaped fasteners" as the current encourage the development of products. High-strength fasteners with the national level of industrialization and technological progress, the use of gradually increased.

The second half of the loader, excavators, rollers and other construction machinery products will reach 600 million units, annual sales of about 50,000 units, according to estimates, the demand for high-strength fasteners about 20,000 to 30,000 Ton. To fasteners as the representative of the basic pieces, not only China's equipment manufacturing industry, the basic industry, but also an important basis for all areas of national economic construction. During the second five, the industry to maintain part of the cost advantage at the same time, must rely on technological progress, quality improvement and product cost and other new advantages to achieve sustainable development. It is expected that the total output of the whole industry will reach 7.5 million to 8 million tons by the end of 2015. In the overall situation of expanding exports, the export products will show a fluctuating trend. The average annual export growth rate is expected to be 8% ~ 10% , By 2015 the total export industry will reach 30 billion yuan.

Industry experts said that the domestic size of the fastener business should look to the future, "high-speed rail" "aerospace" "highway" "airport" and other key national construction projects are tight for enterprises to provide high-end opportunities, Boeing plans to add 20 3400 aircraft, the National Development and Reform Commission invested 800 billion yuan to build six cities in the rail transit, according to 36 plans to build urban rail transit project city planning, by 2020, urban rail transit operating mileage will reach 6560 km, track fastening Demand for the amount of 55-70 billion yuan. These large projects will greatly enhance the high-strength fasteners, titanium and other high-end fastener demand, remove the "low-end" label is not impossible.

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