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Fastener Stamping
Jul 31, 2017

Cold forging, cold extrusion, cold heading and other plastic processing collectively. Cold forging is the material recrystallization temperature below the molding process, Fastener is the recovery temperature for the following forging. Production of the habit of the rough for the rough forging known as cold forging.

Cold forging The use of molds at room temperature for metal bar upsetting (often partial upsetting) forming forging method, generally in the cold heading machine is usually used to manufacture screws, bolts, rivets and other head. Fastener Can reduce or replace the cutting process.

 In short, it is a kind of processing method that gives the external force to the part and makes its shape change. The so-called "upset": that is, forging a kind, mainly to shorten the length of the parts, Fastener a way to increase the diameter

Hot upset: refers to the raw material after heating after the stamping, the specific use of no special requirements, under normal circumstances are required to use cold heading, Fastener because such a surface finish, the material composition of the material will be more tight, there is more Large workpieces often use hot upsetting

In terms of quality, can this be. Do it, it must be high-profile, from the planning, implementation and supervision to check and improve the whole process, the said, Fastener to say it, the shouting, to shout, the paste, to paste out, the quality of things to full Participation, to be full of knowledge, Fastener so that the quality of consciousness training is not consciously done. So do things must be high-profile,Fastener can not let everyone feel the existence of the quality sector.

Mainly applicable to the installation of steel in the ordinary bolts, torsional shear high-strength bolts, large hexagon head high-strength bolts, rivets, self-tapping nails, pull rivets, Fastener nails, anchor, anchor bolts and other fastening standard parts installed Construction methods and quality standards;

Installation of the construction before the construction of major equipment, Fastener equipment ready; all parts, components prefabricated assembly inspection before installation of the construction site, Fastener the discharge material site ready, with the construction conditions;

All the construction workers have participated in the construction technology to the end, clear the construction procedures, construction methods, installation procedures, quality standards, Fastener product protection and HSE technical requirements;

Arrival of the variety,Fastener specifications, Fastener performance, etc. should be consistent with the existing national product standards and design requirements, product quality documents. High-strength large hexagon head bolts and vice-torsional shear high-strength bolts connected to the factory should be with the box with a torque coefficient and fastening force (pre-tension) inspection report;

High-strength bolts should be supplied in the form of packing boxes. The packing number should be marked with batch number, specification, quantity and production date. Bolts, nuts, Fastener washers appearance of the surface should be oil protection, should not appear rust and contaminated stolen goods, Fastener the thread should not be damaged;

Ordinary bolts as a permanent connection bolts, Fastener when the design requirements or the quality of its doubt, the bolt should be the minimum tensile load test, Fastener each type of bolt checks 8;

The high-strength large hexagon head bolts shall be subjected to a test of the torque coefficient and a test report shall be issued. Each batch of eight sets of connecting receivers shall be re-inspected. Fastener After the re-inspection, the average value of each group of 8 sets of connecting sub-torque coefficients shall be 0.110 ~ 0.150, the standard deviation is less than or equal to 0.010;

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