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Fastener Indispensable
Jun 01, 2017

Fasteners are an integral part of the device, so let's take a look at the performance of the fastener on the device today. Depending on the technical nature of the borehole, Fastener it relies on the efficient and accurate drilling of large-volume wall foundations, and drilling in masonry is not the cutting operation of drilling in wood and metal, but a grinding and scraping process in which the drill bit is worn.

Although the fastener is a small part, Fastener but in the mechanical equipment is an indispensable part, also played a very important role. Therefore, we need to carry out regular maintenance in the use of fasteners, so as to ensure more secure use of fasteners, and can extend the service life of fasteners, improve the use of mechanical equipment performance.

What problems often occur when we maintain the fasteners? There are three major problems:

1, in the case of the fastener quenching treatment, to use the silicate cleaning agent to clean up the above impurities, and then to carefully rinse, Fastener to avoid remaining in the fastener above the impurities, affecting its normal application.

2, the fastener after tempering treatment, may its color will change, in the fastener bubble in the ether for a period of time, there will be oil-like substances produced, the occurrence of such a situation indicates that the fastener is not clean enough. After analysis, Fastener it will be found that when the fastener is heated, the stacking is not very reasonable, and the fasteners may have some small oxidation in the quench oil.

3, if there is white material on the fastener, it is likely to be some phosphating. This phenomenon is due to the lack of use of acid cleaning machine for cleaning, Fastener and yo ah check the rinsing tank when not careful enough.

If these problems can not be dealt with in time, it will directly affect the performance of the fastener, and may lead to short service life of fasteners, causing the early damage of fasteners and so on. I hope the above three major issues can help you better use of fasteners.

In the processing of refractory materials such as titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys and high hardness materials, because of the cutting force too ambassador taps are often distorted or even broken in parts. In the processing of long chip material, once the chip is not smooth, Fastener the chip will wound the tap or plug the hole mouth, often cause the tap to collapse or broken in the part. Taking out the broken taps is time-consuming, laborious and potentially damaging to the parts. To solve this problem we can use a threaded milling cutter. Fastener Since the thread milling cutter is gradually cut into the material, the cutting force produced by it is less than the cut. Even if there is a broken knife, because the milling cutter diameter is much smaller than the thread hole, it is easy to remove the broken part from the part without hurting the parts.

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