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Fastener Drying Problems
Oct 10, 2017

Gasoline volatilization occurs during the process of cleaning the fasteners, Fastener the impurities of the exhaust gas are antirust oil vapor and volatile gasoline, the volume of gasoline evaporated into vapor expands to dozens of times times the original, when the gasoline vapor in the air reaches 2%~7%, the spark will explode; In the production environment, the gas is absorbed by the respiratory system in vapor form, at the same time, it will penetrate the body's skin, the health of the human body is more harmful, Fastener mild acute poisoning accompanied by severe headache, nausea, palpitation, blurred vision and other characteristics, severe acute poisoning will appear convulsions, coma and other symptoms, Extremely high concentration can lead to sudden loss of consciousness of the human body, and the original process using manual cleaning, because the existence of air can not solve the blind hole, Fastener cracks cleaning and drying problems.

A carbon-hydrogen cleaner cleans fasteners better than water-based cleaners and halogenated hydrocarbons, by mouth toxicity, suction and release toxicity and skin contact for ultra-low toxicity, while not containing carcinogens and chlorine, sulfur and other corrosion, will not produce metal materials oxidation and corrosion, at room temperature and heating state can be completely volatile, no residue, Fastener boiling point at room temperature higher than 150 ℃, The loss of volatilization from the cleaning process is smaller than that of halogenated hydrocarbons with 40~80℃ boiling point, most of the flash point of the carbon-hydrogen cleaning agent is about 50 ℃, belonging to the third type of flammable material, the safety is higher than the high grade gasoline, Fastener through the natural degradation, after cleaning of the carbon-hydrogen cleaning agent waste liquid incineration production mainly for water and CO2 air pollution.

The original process using manual cleaning methods, bolts, nuts soaked in high grade gasoline with clean brush wash, and then natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation drying. Fastener This process can not solve the small blind hole and the cleaning of cracks, and the drying process belongs to the organization of exhaust emissions, is limited by environmental policy. Some enterprises use ultrasonic method to strengthen the cleaning effect, but due to the cleaning and drying process in the blind hole and air, cleaning effect is weakened.

In order to be representative of the cover need oil seal bolts, nuts, select MML35, 35CrMo, 20MnTiB steel bolts, cleaning agent for c10h22 carbon hydrogen cleaning agent. Fastener The result of cleaning test is that using c10h22 cleaning agent to clean the product appearance, no grease residue, can effectively remove the surface dirt, and high grade gasoline cleaning effect is consistent. C10h22 cleaning agent after immersion in the sample section and before the immersion, cleaning agent non-corrosive, the sample did not find oxidation layer shedding, Fastener damage and other undesirable phenomena, the surface condition is good, will not affect the size of the product. 

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