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Fastener Anti-corrosion Ability
Jul 21, 2017

Fasteners in the metal fasteners are often due to various causes of corrosion, Fastener in the event of corrosion when some fasteners will appear completely locked the problem, Fastener resulting in the operation of the fastener itself lost performance, that is, can not be removed or continue to lock On fasteners. The complete lock of the fastener may only occur in just a few seconds, Fastener so it is more necessary to know and use the fastener to prevent the lock from happening.

Fasteners are usually locked in the production of stainless steel or alloy products, because these metal materials themselves have the ability to anti-corrosion, Fastener once the metal surface of the fastener damage, there will be oxidation Layer to provide protection to prevent the increase in corrosion, but when the fasteners are locked, the pressure generated by the pressure and heat will damage the oxide layer, Fastener making the metal thread between the blocking or shear, and then the phenomenon of adhesion, Fastener but also Is locked.

Fasteners can not be completely eliminated, Fastener but we can pay attention to various factors to reduce the chance of locking, such as to ensure that the load capacity of fasteners, Fastener choose more tensile strength of the screws and nuts.

Whether the fasteners are clean or not have a certain impact on the lock, when the thread is more rough or not clean, the lock more often appear, so before use to ensure that the cleaning of the fasteners, remove the iron or Dirt.

Fasteners in the correct and proper lubrication treatment, the metal parts due to the heat generated by the force will be effectively reduced, Fastener which will reduce the corresponding fastener lock the probability of occurrence.

Cold heading is the use of metal plasticity, the use of cold mechanics pressure or cold drawing, to achieve the purpose of solid metal deformation. Fastener On the surface, the cold heading product looks hot than the hot upsetting products, good finish, the use of hot heading nuts in general hardness is higher than the cold heading products, high strength, for demanding users, Fastener the material is very large the difference.

A method of forging a top of a bar or wire at room temperature. Cold heading is mainly used for the manufacture of bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and steel balls and other parts. Forging material can be copper, Fastener aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, material utilization up to 80 ~ 90%. Cold forging more in a dedicated cold heading machine for easy to achieve continuous, multi-station, Fastener automated production. In the cold heading machine can be completed in order to cut material, Fastener heading head, accumulation, forming, chamfering, rolling wire, shrinkage and trimming and other processes. High production efficiency, up to 300 / min or more, the largest cold heading workpiece diameter of 48 mm.

The process of cold heading bolt is a typical process of cold heading. Multi - position nut automatic cold heading machine for multi - position nut automatic cold heading machine. Fastener The bar material is automatically fed by the feeding mechanism to a certain length, the cutting mechanism cuts it into a blank, Fastener and then is sent by the clamp conveying mechanism to the accumulation and punching stations for forming.

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