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Anchor Bolts The Difference Between Bolts
Nov 01, 2017

Chemical anchor is a new kind of metal fastening material, composed of chemical and metal rod body. Can be used for a variety of curtain walls, marble dry hanging construction in the post-embedded installation, can also be used for equipment installation, road, bridge guardrail installation; building reinforcement and other occasions. Because of its glass tube filled with chemical reagents flammable and explosive, so manufacturers must be approved by the relevant state departments to produce, the entire production process requires strict safety measures, and the use of staff and completely isolated production line. If through manual work not only violated the relevant provisions of the country, and very dangerous. Chemical anchor is a new type of anchor after the expansion of the anchor bolt, through a special chemical adhesive, the screw cementation fixed in the concrete substrate drilling, in order to achieve the anchor of the composite parts.

Bolts often cooperate with the concrete base to play the role of load the weight and load of the machine, the purpose is to ensure smooth and normal operation of the machine. Concrete structure used anchor material can be carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel, should be based on differences in environmental conditions and durability requirements of different, the choice of the corresponding varieties.

Concrete base in the use of weathering, serious cracking, not dense and so on, this will lead to loose anchor loosening, which led to increased vibration parts, affecting the normal operation of the parts. The use of traditional methods of repair, will lead to downtime growth, resulting in huge economic losses. In view of the failure of the anchor bolt, the more effective repair method is the use of polymer composite materials, and the introduction of the most mature domestic US Jiahua concrete repair materials. The material itself has an impact resistance, compressive strength is much larger than the concrete material, and has a variety of chemical properties. Its excellent adhesion to the concrete than the concrete's own strength (concrete will be first broken), but also adhesion to steel and other rough surface, and fast curing performance for enterprises to save due to the resulting loss

There are a lot of people ask me how someone called anchor, and some people called bolts, and some people called expansion bolts, inflatable gecko, Anka anchor, expansion bolt, really do not know what is the difference? Then we now come to understand what what bolt, what is the bolt? They are there is no difference, where is the difference? Why is there so much that?

First, introduce the bolts:

Bolts, mechanical parts, cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts. Generally need to produce according to national standards; by the head and screw (with external thread cylinder) composed of two parts of a class of fasteners, with the nut to be used for fastening the connection of two parts with through holes.

This type of connection is bolted. If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt and the two parts can be separated, the bolt connection is a detachable connection. As shown in the figure, we see most of this hexagonal bolts, bolts are generally required to produce according to national standards. Such as: hex head bolts; fixed with bolts, you need to first use a wrench or other tools to catch the bolt head, and then to rotate the nut, so as to achieve the role of fixed connection.

Anchor, as the name suggests is through the anchoring also reached the role of fastening, in the reinforced concrete structure, in order to make steel firmly fixed in the concrete, the steel bar, called anchoring. The anchor bolt and the steel bar, and the concrete at the same time pouring, called the bolt. Anchor head is buried in the inside, that is to say the bolt is exposed to the outside, the bolt is embedded in the concrete or other things inside. Of course, bolts can also be embedded in the inside. The bolt is usually buried later

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