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Anchor Bolts Of The Fire Resistance
Aug 24, 2017

Anchor is not safe, there are two main aspects, first, the anchor itself caused by the lack of security risks, which is particularly reflected in some domestic products, chemical resistance on the chemical anchor is that we have to discuss the topic , In fact, chemical anchors resistant to refractory with the chemical composition is closely related to some of the products in the chemical chemicals contain a lot of styrene, the material after the heat instability, a direct impact on the chemical anchor fire resistance, the price Low quality, unstable quality, short storage time, intolerant aging, as some manufacturers of domestic screw tensile strength test report, no use, the test on the fire performance is rare, China needs to be standardized New product development, testing, market control mechanism! On the contrary, some manufacturers are using methyl methacrylate synthetic resin, or epoxy polyacrylic resin, the experiment proved that the use of gas or welding continued, because the welding The hot temperature will be in the embedded part of the rapid diffusion of concrete, the usual welding time, does not affect the solid Strength, and stronger resistance to acid corrosion, a higher fixing force!

Advantages and Effects of Chemical Anchor Bolts


1, high tensile strength, suitable for heavy-duty installation of fixed.

2, in the base hole does not produce due to the expansion caused by stress, can be used for a variety of substrates.

3, and the structure of the complete combination of lofting drilling, post-drilling anchor, can be precise positioning, and the structure is fully linked, with anti-aging, weathering, anti-acid and alkali of the excellent performance.


1, construction: a variety of curtain wall installation, marble installation, elevator base fixed, basic engineering, reconstruction and reinforcement works. Fence installation, expansion joints fixed, check the maintenance of trails fixed, the leakage of the fixed tank.

2, civil engineering: harbor facilities dam works, waterway works, bridge engineering, building structural reinforcement and renovation works, industrial construction tunneling works, fence fixed, sound insulation board fixed, billboards fixed.

3, other projects: cable engineering, playground facilities installation, heavy machinery installation fixed, steel mill rolling machinery fixed, crane track fixed, a variety of fixed base, factory base bolts and so on.

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