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Anchor Bolts Clear Requirements
Oct 17, 2017

The chemical anchor Bolt is a new kind of anchor Bolt which appears after the expansion anchor Bolt, is through the special chemical bonding agent, the screw cementation is fixed in the concrete base material drill hole, Anchor Bolts realizes to the fixed piece anchorage compound piece. Because of the small size of the chemical anchor Bolt in the market and the requirement of the anchorage depth of the chemical anchor Bolt, Anchor Bolts the application of the chemical anchor bolt in some areas with high anti-seismic grade is limited.

Chemical planting tendon and chemical anchor bolt anchoring principle basically same, is uses the high-strength structural glue to tie the tensile tendon and the reinforced concrete together, Anchor Bolts causes it to become a whole. But the difference is that chemical implants and screws are not limited in length, similar to the cast-in-place concrete reinforcement anchorage, the damage form is easy to control, generally can be controlled as the anchor steel damage, so it is suitable for static and seismic fortification intensity ≤ 8 degrees of structural components and unstructured members of the Anchorage connection.

The technology of planting rebar should be calculated according to the relevant stipulations of "concrete structure reinforcement Design Code" and "Concrete structure engineering inorganic material post Anchorage Technical Specification", and the size of the diameter of the planting bar is related to the tensile bearing capacity, Anchor Bolts and the small aperture is not easy to guarantee the construction quality. Anchor Bolts The diameter of borehole is too large to bring unnecessary construction difficulty to the original structure.

However, the use of chemical anchors only need to consider the anchorage base material thickness, group anchor spacing and margin minimum values, to avoid the bolt installation to the concrete to produce greater damage, in order to enhance the Anchorage connection base material damage load capacity and safety reliability.

In addition, the technique of planting rebar is only suitable for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structure, but not for the structural reinforcement of the structural structure of the concrete and the low ratio of reinforcement, because the technique of planting rebar is mainly used to connect the original structural member and the new member, only when the original member concrete has normal reinforcement ratio and enough stirrup, Anchor Bolts This connection can achieve its intended purpose.

The development of exterior insulation products of building exterior wall, because of the low energy-saving standards, and more use of good thermal conductivity of organic insulation materials, such as molded polystyrene Board (EPS), extruded Polystyrene Board (XPS), rigid polyurethane plate (PUR), and so on, the thickness of general 3~5cm, thermal insulation material weight is lighter, Insulation Anchor bolt length is generally not more than 10cm, external wall insulation system out of the event is not uncommon. With the adjustment of the policy and the competition of the white-hot market, the high buildings begin to use the inorganic insulation materials such as rock wool and foamed cement board. The thermal conductivity of inorganic thermal insulation material is large, Anchor Bolts to achieve the same insulation effect needs thicker materials, and the apparent density is also the organic insulation material $number times, the building energy-saving standards to further improve around the $number, the external wall insulation system thicker, more weight, the length of insulation anchor bolt longer, The construction level of the insulation system is higher.

External wall insulation system generally to paste mainly, Anchor Bolts mechanical fixed as a supplement. Adhesives using polymer-modified cementitious substrates are mechanically fastened using an insulated anchor bolt. At present, the product quality and price of adhesives are not homogeneous, the amount of unit area is also difficult to control, businesses to reduce the cost of polymer powder often reduce the amount of mortar and the use of the unit area; Anchor Bolts and the adhesive with the naked eye can not distinguish the quality of its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, thermal insulation anchor bolt Mechanical fixation role appears particularly important.

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