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Anchor Bolts Clear Requirements
Aug 08, 2017

In the construction of the construction we often encounter anchor bolt and anchorage of these two technologies, Anchor Bolts many people because of anchoring anchor bolt and anchorage technology in the same principle is not clear and clear what is the difference between them, following Sticky steel construction process, Anchor Bolts the card and then discuss with the chemical anchor and planting technology in the end what is the difference.

Chemical anchor is a new type of anchor after the expansion of the anchor bolt, Anchor Bolts through a special chemical adhesive, the screw cease fixed in the concrete substrate drilling, in order to achieve the anchor of the composite parts. Due to the small size of the chemical anchor on the market, Anchor Bolts and the specification of the chemical anchor depth of the anchor also has a clear requirement, Anchor Bolts making the chemical anchor in some areas with high seismic rating of the application has limitations.

Chemical anchorage and chemical anchorage anchoring principle is basically the same, Anchor Bolts is the use of high-strength structural adhesive to pull the bar and reinforced concrete bonded together, making it a whole. But their difference is that chemical anchorage and screw due to the length of unrestricted, Anchor Bolts and cast-in-place concrete reinforcement similar to the destruction of the shape easy to control, generally can be controlled for the anchor steel damage, Anchor Bolts it is suitable for static and seismic fortification ≤ 8 degrees of structural components and non-structural components of the anchor connection.

The technology of planting bar should be calculated according to the relevant provisions of "Code for Design of Concrete Structure Reinforcement" and "Technical Specification for Post-anchoring of Inorganic Materials for Concrete Structures", and the size of the anchorage pore size is related to its bearing capacity. Easy to ensure the quality of construction, drilling diameter is too large will bring unnecessary difficulties in the construction of the original structure of a greater impact.

However, Anchor Bolts the use of chemical anchors only need to consider the anchor substrate thickness, Anchor Bolts group anchorage spacing and the minimum margin requirements, to avoid the installation of concrete when the anchor to produce greater damage to enhance the anchorage of the substrate damage when the carrying capacity and safety reliability.

In addition, Anchor Bolts the reinforcement technology is only applicable to the reinforced concrete structure reinforcement, and not suitable for the structure of the concrete structure and the reinforcement ratio is too low structural reinforcement, because the anchor bar technology is mainly applied to connect the original structural components and new components, This connection can only be achieved if the original component concrete has a normal reinforcement ratio and sufficient stirrups.

Torque control type expansion bolt and displacement control type expansion bolt: the difference between the two is the installation method, the torque control type special bolt installation is to use the torque wrench to set the torque value, to promote the screw into the hole, and then the end of the expansion plate squeeze Concrete expansion bolt. Anchor Bolts Displacement control type refers to the need to use the percussion way to promote the screw into the hole, and then the end of the expansion of the expansion of concrete to produce concrete against the destruction of concrete expansion bolt

Special inverted cone chemical anchor: also known as stereotypes chemical anchor, Anchor Bolts the common anchor is a section of the inverted cone or spherical bulge is a fixed chemical anchor. This type of bolt combines the advantages of ordinary chemical anchors and expansion bolts, on the one hand through the chemical adhesive to ensure that the anchor and concrete bond strength, Anchor Bolts on the other hand through the inverted cone and concrete mechanical key to ensure Bolt and concrete body of the connection strength, is a better seismic performance of the chemical anchor.

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