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Anchor Bolts Ascendancy
Oct 13, 2017

Chemical anchors are a new type of metal fastening materials composed of chemical agents and metal rods. Can be used in various curtain wall, marble dry-hanging construction of the installation of the post, also can be used in equipment installation, highway, bridge guardrail installation; Building reinforcement and renovation, etc. Because of its chemical glass tube filled with flammable and explosive, so manufacturers must be approved by the relevant state departments to production, the whole production process requires strict security measures, and use a completely isolated and staff of the assembly line production. If manual work is not only violated the relevant regulations of the state, it is also very dangerous. Chemical anchor bolt is a new type of following expansion anchor bolt, is through a special chemical adhesive, fix the screw cement concrete base material in drilling, in order to realize the fixed anchor composite parts.


Expansion anchor expansion anchors: anchoring of anchor holes with expansion pieces to form anchoring bolts. Is the use of vertebral body move to opposite of inflation, prompting expansion expansion, and the pressure of bore wall concrete expansion agent, and through the pull-out force of the shear friction effects from a component by fitting the anchoring.

Torque control expansion anchor: pre-drilled with special drilling tools to complete expansion installation by controlling screw torque size

Displacement control type expansion anchor: drilling in advance with a special drill bit to achieve expansion installation through the relative displacement of the sleeve and cone head

Expansion groove anchor: through the hole at the bottom of the concrete cutting reaming, again use reaming after forming pressure on the surface of concrete and anchor inflation to expand the mechanical interlock between, realize to be fitting the anchoring of a component.

Prereaming ordinary anchors: precut grooves through special drilling tools

From expanding special anchor: with special drill hole first, bolt built-in tools, when installation to cutting reaming, reaming, install a complete anka anchor: this is a kind of anchor bolt, abroad to introduce the general import equipment of anchor bolt are the anka anchor, especially European equipment, have an opening at the back of the anchor bolt type metal sleeve, into the foundation, wrenching rib, after opening up the big fixed.

Post-cut anchor bolt: it is a very common expansion bolt in our market, which cannot be fixed by itself and needs to be fixed with the fixed object, mainly its opening sleeve structure limitation.

Anchor bolt: the back of the anchor bolt is open, and the center has a steel nail. When the anchor bolt is inserted into the foundation, it will only need to hit the steel nail, and the steel nail will go down and the opening will be fixed.

Use and scope of application

It is mainly used in high-end construction in foreign countries, such as Europe, the United States, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, and entered the domestic market in April 2013.

It is widely applicable to the planting of mixed soil. Such as: building curtain wall, interior decoration, air conditioning, lighting, advertisement kanban, TV wall hang, sanitary ware (kitchen utensils) hydropower, monitor and other related industries and fields.

Compared to the advantages of traditional expansion anchors

1. Extensive applicability. As long as the common thread size fits, it is suitable for any type of anchor head type.

2. Selection of construction method. The function and effect of the preset of the preset on demand, or the drilling (loading) of the single construction filling line is the same

3. High construction success rate. No hole depth is attached and the drilling inclination is disturbed, the construction achievement rate is 100%.

4. The design of the kaohsiao. The whole tooth taper expansion special inverted hook design.

5. Lock for anti-loosening effect. The whole tooth taper expansion special design, using the reverse thrust effect is urgent to lock the workpiece.

6. Perfect design thinking. Short and simple, suitable for the sale of all market screws, DIY and works the most desirable construction of the parts.

7. Guarantee anchor expansion. Metal plate press products, patent full - tooth taper expansion design, gripping ability not idle, no professional construction skills.

No problem left. Just pull out of the anchor work piece, apply the filling agent to restore the plane, no excision disturbance and protruding object to strike the danger.

Detection method (universal material testing machine) : take 3 ~ 5 PCS before production test for concrete block construction, in through the universal material machine drawing test, test results must be in accordance with set after the tensile data of batch production, can be performed after mass production needs to apply object 5 ~ 10 PCS in the committee by a third party inspection agencies inspection after get related testing data, make a related testing data, both the above average.

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