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Which of the three fasteners maintenance problems related
Dec 12, 2016

Fasteners may be small, but great, fastener requires periodic maintenance to ensure safer use of fasteners, and the ability to extend the life of fasteners and improve the performance of the equipment.

When we were in when the fastener is maintenance, there are three main questions:

1. When the fasteners are hardened, Portland to use cleaning agents cleaning impurities above, then rinse carefully to avoid fastening the top under the residual impurities, affecting its normal application.

2. The fasteners after tempering, the color may vary, and fasteners in the ether for some time, there will be oil-like substance, this situation indicates that fasteners clean enough. After the analysis, will find the heated fasteners stacking is not very reasonable, fasteners in quenching oil may have some small oxidation.

3. On the fasteners if there is a white substance when is likely to be some phosphides. This phenomenon is due to the use of acid washing machine cleaner, and check carefully enough when washing tank.

These questions need to pay attention to, will directly affect the performance usingfasteners, fasteners can also be caused by shortened service life, resulting in earlydamage of fasteners.

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