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Threaded fasteners fit quality knowledge sharing
Dec 12, 2016

Thread is a section of the outer or inner surfaces of solid surface, uniform shape of spiral-shaped projection and coordination of threaded fasteners is a screw-thread tension between each other, mean deviations and tolerance on the internal thread and external thread combination.

Inch thread, external thread, there are three levels: 1 a, 2 a, 3 a. The thread class has the following three: 1 b, 2B, 3B, belongs to a clearance fit, the higher, combined with the more compact. Inch thread, 3 a-class error for 0,1A and 2 a deviation is the same.

1 a and 1 b-grade is a very loose tolerance class, suitable for tolerance betweenmale and female, 2 a and 2 b-class is the most common tolerance class for inch mechanical fasteners; 3 a and 3 b-class, able to spin synthetic closest match, usuallyto a tight tolerance fastener, and a key safety design.

Outside thread of 1 a, level and 2 a, level Zhijian has tie tolerance, 3 a, level no, general situation Xia, 1 a, level of tolerance to than 2 a, level big 50%, than 3 a, level big 75%; within thread of 2 b level tolerance to than 2 a, level big 30%, 1 b level to than 2 b level big 50%, to than 3 b level big 75%.

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