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The locking fastener
Sep 04, 2017

This invention relates to fasteners which a wedging action is used to jam or bind the threads to prevent them from unwanted loosening.

There are many applications of threaded fasteners which need this locking fastener. A threaded fastener which could inhibit unwanted loosening of the fastener. This unwanted loosening of the fastener could be resulted from the friction which resists turning of one of the threaded members to the other in the loosening direction. While, in many applications, it is also required that the fasteners can be removed, loosened purposely without any damages of the parts.

There have been many proposals to meet such requirements. In response to unwanted rotation of one of the fastener members, they usually use wedging action which may leads to jamming of the threads. In such devices, the jamming is usually achieved by providing a ramp surface. This coaction between wedging surfaces and fastener threads has been accomplished by special washers with ramp surfaces.

In accordance with this invention, a locking threaded fastener of the wedge-action type is provided. This fastener avoids the need for serrated surfaces in engagement with the workpiece, exhibits a torque tension relationship with most applied torque being effective to develop tension in the fastener, and the loading is distributed over number of threads than it does before.


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