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the invention background of plastic rebar chair'
Sep 06, 2017

In the prior art, chairs or pedestals for supporting rebar to a surface over which poured concrete is formed are well knows. Some comprise small concrete blocks provided with wire to tie the blocks to the rebar. Others are made of bent wire, and more recently, some are made of polymeric material.

Compared with small concrete blocks and bent wire, polymeric chairs are relatively inexpensive and won’t corrode, while their strength and stability could be problematic, also, they have met with resistance supported by the difficulty of securing the chairs to the rebar. Even more, it would been exacerbated by the provision of internal structure, which has restricted free access between the legs of the chairs. During the storage and transport, it’s such access makes it difficult to extend ties through the chairs and impedes the stackability of the chairs.

Another problem for the polymeric chairs in the prior art is that their complicated construction could lead it more expensive and difficult to manufacture it by injection molding.

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