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the evolution of locking fastener
Sep 04, 2017

Locking fastener relates to threaded fasteners such as bolts and nuts, which is used to secure against movement from a set position.

When vibration was subject to, it may lead bolts and nuts to work loose, till now, a number of techniques have been employed to prevent them from this loose, such as the use of lock washers, locking fluids, various mechanical restraints, and even welding the fasteners. However, all of these techniques have their advantages and limitations, which means it is impossible to remove the fasteners without damaging either the locking device or the fastener itself.

Then, it is in general an invention to provide an improved fastener which is secured against movement from the set position. Further, an invention to provide a fastener with above character which overcomes the limitations. And finally, a fastener with above character and can be installed and removed purposely was invented.

The objects are achieved by providing a threaded fastener with a lock plate which fits over the fastener. The plate has an opening with a contour which could mates with the outer contour of the fastener to prevent rotation of the fastener, and the plate is retained on the fastener by a retainer received in a groove or detent opening formed in the fastener itself. In embodiments, some retainers are separate, and in others, the retainer comprises a detent lug.

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