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the construction and use of rebar chair
Sep 05, 2017

A polymeric chair has a rebar cradle and legs of T-shaped cross-section which diverges downwardly from this cradle. The outer surface of the legs are arcuate and could form a cone part. The web portions extend inwardly to reinforce and provide feet to the legs.

A flat sand plate for the chair has formed slots radially extended which are used to form engagement with side surfaces of the feet. These slots are elongated to match various sized chairs with varying radial dimensions for feet space, while the web portions taper to reinforce the function better.

The present invention relates to a chair for supporting rebars when the poured concrete is formed, more particular, it refers to a unitary plastic chair wherein the legs present smooth outer surfaces and are formed internally with webs which terminate in distal feet. More specific, the invention is concerned with such a chair of a strong and stable construction, and could be injection molded. It may also provide a bearing plate to keep the chair against tipping to a soft earthen bed. This invention always be described with a rebar or to support internal reinforcements for poured concrete.

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