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the basic structure of safety cap
Aug 24, 2017

The safety rebar is mainly coomposed by two parts, the collar and the cap.

The collars of the present invention are provided in a form that allows the same cap to be used on a variety of rebar,anchor bolts and stakes of varying sizes and shapes of having different cross sectional shapes.

In these collars, the walls generally have a rectangular cross sectional shape, also with outwardly protruding convex along the opposing sides to form curves in the wall, which may allow the collar to receive rebar, anchor bolts, stakes of any shape (round, oval, square, hexagonal etc.) For rebar, anchor bolts, stakes which have generally rectangular cross sectional shape would be received by the generally rectangular form of the collar walls. Therefore, different embodiment of these invention are capable of alternative uses with rebar, anchor bolts and stakes having round, oval, square,hexagonal, rectangular or other cross-sectional shapes. It’s also appreciated that embodiments of this invention may be provided in different sizes to receive varying sizes of rebar, anchor bolts and stakes which are commonly used in construction industry.

The collar of the present invention also include flanges which are deformable and protruding inwardly to the center or central axis of the collar. These flanges are designed to come into contact with a rebar, anchor bolt or stake that is going to be inserted into the collar. Generally, in preferred embodiments, the flanges may extend in a radial direction, but in other embodiment, they may have different position for engagement with different or settled places on a rebar, anchor bolt or stake inserted in the collar.

For the caps, the exterior safety surface of the caps may be any shape or size. Generally, its provided in the form of a widened, flattened disc attached to a collar below, between the exterior of the collar and the underside of the disc, there are support ribs, which may insure that the safety doesn’t deform or break when downward force is asserted. Other shape may be used as long as their shape and size could minimize impalement injuries. The colour of the caps is preferably bright to make the caps readily recognizable.

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