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the basic knowledge about the earth anchor
Aug 25, 2017

An earth anchor relates the invention which components comprising a hub body of the anchor are integrally formed to provide more uniform strength and tighter dimensional control.

There are a variety of earth anchors, typically, an earth anchor is formed by welding various components to form a hub body, and then welding a blade to the body. However, each anchors made in this way may have problems despite they are effective. Firstly, the anchor design relies heavily for its integrity on the strength of the various welds; secondly, it’ s difficult to keep outer hubs on the hub body to be uniform size,shape, and strength; thirdly, it’ s difficult to control the symmetry between inner and outer portion of the hub body.

Based on above, it’ s commonly believed that we would not have these problems and produce a better tool if we could make an earth anchor whose hub body doesn’t take the welding as its primary method of its formation.

After several kinds of earth anchor were tried, the one of the present invention for use was invented. It’s used with a drive tool for embedding the anchor within the ground. The anchor comprises a hub body with a base plate. From the bottom surface of the plate, there extends a shank downwardly, a drive tip was formed by an angular orientation with a beveled lower edge for penetration within the ground. Form the upper surface of the plate, there extends a hub upwardly aiming to be provided for connection to the drive tool. A circumferential integral side wall also extends uowardly to form a sleeve at the outer vicinity of the hub, and in which a portion of the drive tool is received.

Therefore it means the base plate, shank, hub and side wall are all integrally formed to provide uniform strength and tighter dimensional control for an overall hub body.

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