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medium duty earth anchors
Sep 01, 2017

This invention relates to drive earth anchors into the earth, and more particular, to an improved method and drive tool for driving medium duty earth anchors.

Medium duty earth anchors comprises a guy rod, and a single turn helix. It has a number of uses. Nowadays, it’s commonly used in anchoring mobile homes, and also used for anchoring and guying of other structures.

The rod is typically made of carbon steel, generally, the lower end is pointed and the head is provided with some sort of attachment which is used to let a guy wire, strap or the like to be attached on the anchor. The attachment refers to may be an eye, or simply a screw thread to which a fastener may be attached.

The helix is conventionally a sheet metal disc, having a radial split and being bent to form a single turn screw thread. However, the configuration of the helix may vary somewhat from described, its not critical to the present invention.

Medium duty anchors are commonly used and they are commercially available form numerous manufacturers.

The installation of medium duty earth anchors is very difficult since the anchors are too large to install with a hand-held level bar. The large truck-mounted drilling equipment used to drive heavy-duty utility anchors is also impractical. It seems that many jobs don’t need to install enough anchor to justify bringing in large equipment and the space available frequently precludes its use.

In recent years, hand-held electric drives tools have used to drive medium duty earth anchors, although they are far from satisfactory approach to driving medium duty anchors.

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