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Material requirements for high strength bolt
Dec 12, 2016

Performance differences in the treatment process and different raw materials of high strength bolts, under the high pressure condition of delayed, breaking performance is different. First of all, the tensile strength of raw materials instead of quenching process of high strength bolt has a lot to do with, generally 40 degrees moredifficult high strength grade 10.9 bolts after quenching treatment of raw material requirements, if not strictly in the normal test, based on quenched surface hardnessto judge its tensile strength is good or bad.

Secondly, 40Cr quenched as raw material is mainly used for high strength bolt ofbolted ball joint NET frame, this design is generally 390MPa (d>=30mm) or 430MPa (d<30mm), does not exist in a high pressure, if you want to add a high pretension of when, also note that understanding and delayed fracture resistance. Productquality is the key of high strength bolts, strictly according to the requirements is necessary.

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