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How to prevent stainless steel fasteners to be locked down?
Dec 12, 2016

Stainless steel fasteners to be locked the preventive methods:

1. Choose the correct product: before use, make sure the product could satisfy therequirements of the mechanical properties, such as tensile strength of screws andnuts to ensure that load. Length of the screw to select appropriate, to screw the 1-2 pitch behind the nut shall prevail.

2. Before use, see if the thread is rough, thread if there is iron or dirt, which often leads to deadlock.

3. Can make fasteners lubrication before use: butter is recommended, molybdenum disulfide, mica, graphite or talcum powder for lubrication, commonly lubricatedwith wax dipped deal with anti-lock.

4. The attention of usage:

A, into the speed force to fit, not too far too fast, as far as possible use the torquewrench or socket wrench to avoid using a wrench or a wrench. Too fast will causesharp temperature rises lead to deadlock. Import pump valve

B, direction of force, perpendicular to the axis of the screw must be screwed into the nut.

5. Use washers can effectively prevent the problem of locked tight.

6. Lock or bitten to death often occurs in stainless steel, aluminum and titanium materials, fasteners, alloy corrosion of these metals, the surface is damaged, produces a thin layer of oxide layers on metal surface to prevent further corrosion. When stainless steel fasteners are locked tight, tooth pattern generated by pressure andheat will damage the oxide layer and metal threads are blocked or cut, and adhesive. When this phenomenon occurs, will make stainless steel fasteners fully locked can't remove or continue to lock. Typically blocked a series of lock _ shear _ mount_ a series of actions occurs just a few seconds, so that a correct understanding of the use of such fasteners in order to prevent this phenomenon.

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