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Fasteners available washing agents
Dec 12, 2016

1. Soluble emulsion cleaner

Soluble emulsion usually consists of emulsifier, dirt, solvents, by cleansing agent, corrosion inhibitor and a small amount of water. Water emulsifiers is the role of dissolved the detergent dissolving fastener surface of the dirt at the same time, back to the fastening surface leaving a layer of film. Emulsifying detergent is a concentrated state of pure oil products, to be diluted in water and then become white, Milky liquid. Emulsifiers and detergents can hold on to fat particles and dissolve it intocleaning agents that contain solvents and oils.

2. Alkaline cleaning agent

Alkaline cleaning agents add detergent surfactant and alkaline earth metal salts mixed together, is one of the most widely used cleaning agent. Require cleaning agent PH value at around 7. Increase of such cleaning agents cleaning ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, carbonates, phosphates, silicates, borates and organic Chelationcompounds. Each salt and surfactant,mainly guarantees the cleaning effect,followed by the economy.

3. Detergents

Decontamination cleaning agents containing solvents, surfactants, and water. Unlike the emulsifying cleaning agents, is a pure solution, not the emulsion. It is mainlyused in packaging equipment, fasteners maintenance cleaning.

4. Synthetic cleaning agent

Synthetic cleaning agent is also an alkaline cleaning agent, differs from standard alkaline cleaning agents and chemicals, standard alkaline cleaning agent is essentially inorganic and synthetic agents is amine-containing substances of organic agents.Standard alkaline cleaning agent used to remove single cleaning alkaline residues,but also a good rust inhibitor. Synthetic cleaning agent used for cleaning of medium difficulty, such as cleaning fastener surface of quenching oil or polymer quenching solutions.

5. Acidic cleaning agents

Usually with sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and organic acids such as citric acid and acetic acid. Heat treatment of high strength fasteners to phosphate,mainly using top 3 cleaning process, but should prevent erosion of hydrogen. Acidagents should contain basic acids and inhibitors on the surface of metal fastenersto prevent erosion, and surfactants to improve scavenging. But for removing metalfasteners of General dirt without the acidic cleaning agents, usually using alkaline cleaning agent. Special attachments such as oxide skin with acid washing is very effective, the most famous acid leaching is the process. Except rolling, welding and heat treating oxidized cortex, influencing the quality of plating or oil seal surface oxides, rust, and corrosion products and water stain removal of sediment are available acid.

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