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Fastener products for various standard resolution
Dec 12, 2016

1. Standard fastener size: specify basic dimensions of the product; a threaded products, also include the basic dimensions of the thread, thread closure, shoulder pitch, retracts slots and chamfers, externally threaded ends of parts with dimensionsand other aspects.

2. Standard fasteners specification standards. Specific and include the following content standards: 

(1) Tolerances for fasteners standards: specify dimension toleranceand shape and position tolerance components. 

(2) Fasteners mechanical performance standard: specified mechanical properties grade marking method and mechanical properties of the contents and requirements of the project; some fasteners, replace the contents with the following product properties or performance of content. 

(3) Fastener standard for surface defects: specify product surface defects and specific requirements of content. 

(4) Fastener surface treatment standards: specify product surface treatment and specific requirements of content. 

(5)Fastener productsstandards in testing: specific provisions of the various performance requirements,test content.

3. Fasteners product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: specify product ex-factory acceptance sampling acceptable quality level and the sampling plan of the project, as well as product content and packaging requirements.

4. Fasteners product labeling standards: specify product complete marking method and the simplified method of its contents.

5. Other aspects of fastener standards: fastener terminology standard fastener products weight standards.

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