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Burr fastener Guide
Dec 12, 2016

Fastener Burr refers to the fastener surface of tiny microscopic metal particles, theparticles we become Burr.

Burr is how fasteners, when fasteners are for cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chips formed during the process. In order to improve the performance and life of fasteners, before we use the fasteners, it is necessary to remove fasteners burrs. Fasteners are widely used in machinery and equipment parts, are also important parts, surfaces, sharp corners and edges needs to achieve a high degree of cleanliness of the metal. Its main on deburring: traditional mechanical process, grinding, polishing, and the other has a different degree of automation of the process.

Can also use chemical deburring process for removing fasteners, fastener qualitybe better guaranteed, fastener followed by soaking it all in more than one container, one of the immersed vessel CULLYGRAT in solution. By simple soaking processwill remove all burrs, surface smooth, edges and corners rounded, delivering unprecedented high quality. Chemical removal of burrs with CULLYGRAT are not only environmentally friendly but also can save a lot of production and personnel costs.

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