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Basic knowledge about Plastic rebar cap
Aug 21, 2017

A plastic rebar cap is used to protect workmen and passersby from injury resulting form striking by rebar. The cap is composed by an hollow cylindrical body of PP or PVC etc, its closed on one side and open at the other side. On its closed side, the body mounts a mushroom head, and for the open side, its designed to provide an expandable gripping lip.

During the construction of buildings, injures may occurred in which the ends of rebar extend vertically, horizontally, since their ends are sharp, they may present a distinct hazard to workmen and passersby. So this invention pertains a safety cap to cover the projecting ends of rebar.

The other important feature is that this invention may provide a safety cap for the projecting ends of rebar which grips the rebar securely. It can be applied easily, and can be removed for reuse after using.Plastic rebar cap accommodates various sizes of rebar, and if desired, it can also be left on the projecting ends permanently, a variety of bright colour would guarantee its visibility.

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