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Anchor bolts embedded
Dec 12, 2016

On basic construction of reinforcement, anchor bolts embedded work should alsostart to alternate. Before the laying of foundation bolts, first line out of the appropriate vertical, horizontal axis, and ruler for each set of anchor bolts in Foundation reinforcement in on position.

When embedding anchor bolt, bolt set plate flat on the corresponding position onthe underlying steel, hammer determination corrections with a line vertical, markedon the horizontal axis and vertical and horizontal axis marks, marked along the plate around in the bar. The anchor bolt screw from the bottom up through the slab,and screw on the nut on the screw, by the tightness of the nuts and adjust the elevation at the top of the anchor bolt, bolt top elevation level measurement and control, until the end of line drawings. In the course of construction, using level detection set plate and screw, to make the slab surface is level, screw in a vertical State.

Set plate and screw in place, shall be reviewed with a theodolite. Transit State in the anchor bolts on the axis of the control points to be reviewed, distal eyepiece aimed at another point of the axis to determine the cross in the center of the eyepiece, which is the axis, and then reviewed in the axis for each set of anchor bolts andaxis position accuracy and correct results. Note that the theodolite review must bevertical and horizontal two directions, should not have reviewed only one directionrather than another.

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